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Funeral of Gianni Di Marzio: Entrance of the coffin into the Church

There was a beautiful slice of the world of football in the Duomo, for the last farewell to Gianni Di Marzio. A career as a coach first, then as a manager, often a guest of television lounges to comment on matches and transfer market. In the churchyard of the Cathedral the protagonists of a football that appears really far away. Characters of the caliber of Fulvio Collovati, Oscar Damiani, Walter Novellino, Domenico Di Carlo, Leonardo Semplici, Giuseppe Galderisi and many executives and professionals. Also present the. d. del Padova, Alessandra Bianchi, Ivone De Franceschi and many others. Shortly after 3 pm the coffin arrived accompanied by family members, with the children and wife in the front row. There are also many famous faces of Sky, where precisely his son Gianluca deals with the transfer market. Padua, January 25, 2022, Italy.

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