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International Holocaust Remembrance Day : Positioning of the stumbling block dedicated to Desiderio Milch

Desiderio Milch was born in Fiume in January 1923 and studied literature in Padua. He died in Auschwitz at just 21 years of age. Desiderio was the son of a mixed marriage and therefore, after graduating from the classical high school in Rijeka, he had the opportunity to enroll at the University of Padua in the academic year 1940-41. When the Germans occupied the Adriatic coast and Carnaro was annexed to the Third Reich, Desiderio and his father were captured in Rijeka by the SS in March 1944. After being taken to the San Sabba camp, father and son were deported to Auschwitz and there killed on an unknown date. In his memory, a Stumbling Stone was placed in front of the entrance to the University of Padua on the Day of Remembrance on January 27, 2022.

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