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Presentation of the exhibition "From romantics to Segantini"

Seventy-five works from the Oskar Reinhart Foundation, personally chosen by Marco Goldin, open the great project on the "Geographies of Europe. The plot of painting between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries", starting right from Romanticism in Germany with its major exponents from Friedrich to Runge to Dahl. Seven thematic sections, chronologically spread over the decades, allow the visitor to "appropriate" nineteenth-century Swiss and German art. The great exhibition "From romantics to Segantini. Stories of moons and then of gazes and mountains. Masterpieces from the Oskar Reinhart Foundation" is the first chapter of the new, extensive exhibition project conceived by Marco Goldin. A sequence of large exhibitions, to give life to a vast artistic and historical scenario, which will give an account of the situation of painting in Europe throughout the course of the nineteenth and part of the twentieth century, according to a national division or in contiguous areas. Padua, January 28, 2022, Italy.

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