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The French government under pressure from the opposition

SOUND Retailleau 3: Russia is in a corner and it is clear that Vladimir Putin may feel surrounded and when a leader finds himself in such a situation, he risks making extremely dangerous decisions. So it takes cold blood and we must reach the point where Mr Putin will assess that the cost of war is too high for him and that he must go to the negotiating table to make peace. So we have to be very determined but at the same time avoid warmongering. Because as things stand, we don't know what he might do, if some territories are annexed to Russia tomorrow, it means that Points might consider using strategic nuclear weapons. This is what the infamous illegal referendums really mean, they could lead to this outcome. We must be aware of this and prevent it from going too far.  But precisely, I told the PM that Ukraine must have our full attention, but we don't want to use double standards in relation to what is happening in Armenia. I was shocked that Von Der Leyen signed a gas agreement with Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan which had attacked Upper Karabak and which last week attacked Armenian territory, Azerbaijan which is supported by Erdogan, with the use of jiadists, of forbidden weapons. In the last 48 hours, we have unfortunately seen on social networks the case of this young 37-year-old woman with three children who was raped and dismembered: perhaps the crimes committed in Armenia and the Upper Karakabak are not as serious as those committed in Ukraine. 

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