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Marine Le Pen attacks Borne government

SOUND LE PEN 1: We are in total disagreement with all the texts that will reach the Assemblée Nationale. Whether it's the unemployment benefit reform, whether it's the finance bill, whether it's the hypothesis aired by the President of approving the pension reform as part of the social security bill, whether it's, of course, the energy policy on which I have an extremely critical view. Because our great country is today exposed to the risk of energy rationing, the risk of industrial abandonment, and the price of energy today is completely out of control, without the government having the slightest idea of a strategy to contain the situation, other than issuing cheques that actually means creating additional debt on the skin of our children or raising taxes. SOUND LE PEN 2: So we are really in a situation where the government no longer controls anything, and when the Prime Minister talks to us about a strategy of sobriety, sorry but there is no strategy, sobriety is not a strategy, it is just an impediment: when we don't know what to do, when we can't do anything, here we are telling people to be more moderate in their energy consumption, as if energy consumption by the French is a caprice or as if people don't already pay attention to how they consume energy. SOUND LE PEN 3: This is precisely the criticism I made (to the PM): I reminded her that in her speech she had expressed, if nothing else, the ambition to take into account the results of the legislative elections, to take into account the issues important to the opposition, and that after a few months I did not feel that these ambitions had been followed up at all.

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