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Polish court finds activist guilty of aiding abortion

Justyna Wydrzynska has been sentenced to eight months of community service for helping a women terminate her pregnancy. The court on 14 March, 2023 handed out the sentence after several months of delieberation. A woman named Anna, wanting to terminate her pregnancy because of an abusive relationship received abortion pills from Wydrzynska and although in Poland a woman ending her own pregnancy is not against the law, helping with an abortion is. SHOTLIST 1. Wide shot - Justyna Wydryznska and supporters chanting 2. Close shot - Justyna Wydryznska speaks to supporters and press 3. Wide shot - Anti-abortion rally with sound of baby crying on loudspeakers 4. Medium shot - Sign at anti-abortion rally 5. Medium shot - Supporters chanting 6. Close shot - Supporter chanting 7. Wide shot - Supporter with EU flag and line of police 8. Medium shot - Supporters chanting 9. Medium shot - Supporter chanting 10. Wide shot - Supporter takes selfie with Justyna Wydrzynska 11. Medium shot - Supporter hugs Justyna Wydryznska

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