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Protest against pension reform in front of the Paris Philharmonic

a group of protesters on the terrace of the Philharmonic Theatre take out their protest pots Protesters continue to chant while being arrested by special police forces other demonstrators on the ground level protest surrounded by officers about thirty demonstrators chant slogans against Macron (seen from above) check of backpacks and seizure of pots and pans by officers police forces around the protesters a protester bangs on the pot and chants slogans officers surround the protesters to remove them from the Philharmonic Theatre special police forces in BRAV engine in front of the Philharmonic Theatre in Paris general view of the Philharmonic close-up view of the Philharmonic with the poster 'The Nights of L'Ourcq', title of the show 3'42'' SOT demonstrator: There is a big evening at which two ministers are present. A strike is going on at the Philharmonie (in Paris), so we tried to hold a protest rally against (the President of the Republic) Macron the police notified that the demonstration was not authorised special BRAV police forces around the Porte de Pantin metro station

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