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Djokovic defends Alcaraz: "He has plenty of time to represent his country.

Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic defended Carlos Alcaraz on Thursday, who will not compete in the group stage of the Davis Cup Finals held in Valencia this year. Djokovic asserted that at 20 years of age, Alcaraz "has plenty of time to represent his country." Djokovic, who arrives in Valencia after winning the US Open, recalled that in his 20-year career, he hasn't played for Serbia every year: "It's normal that after playing many individual tournaments, you feel tired. He hopes that Spain qualifies for the final in Malaga." Nonetheless, Djokovic understands that Spain might not be very "happy" with Alcaraz due to his absence, but believes that for the other teams participating in the competition, this might be "better."

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