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Saturn Planet Seen Through A Telescope

Saturn planet captured through a telescope is seen from L'Aquila, Italy, on November 30th, 2023. Video shows how atmospheric turbulence associated with seeing refers to fluctuations in the density and temperature of air in the Earth's atmosphere. These fluctuations cause distortions in the light coming from celestial objects, creating shaky and blurred images. Saturn is the sixth planet from the Sun in our solar system and is easily recognizable by its stunning ring system, which is composed of ice particles, dust, and rocks. These rings are divided into several distinct bands and are one of the most prominent features of the planet. Saturn is a gas giant, meaning it primarily consists of hydrogen and helium, and it has a diameter about nine times that of Earth. Despite its massive size, Saturn has a relatively low density, which would allow it to float in water if there were a body of water large enough. The planet's low density is a result of its composition and structure. Saturn has a strong magnetic field and a diverse atmosphere with cloud bands and storms.

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