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Hostage crisis in Netherlands ends as all people released

Hostage situation ended in the Netherlands after a night party in a local cafe bar. After a tense standoff, the hostage situation at the Petticoat café in Ede, Gelderland, Netherlands, concluded peacefully with the arrest of a suspect, a 28-year old local man who held four people after a night party. The incident, which began early Saturday morning, involved several hostages, including café staff, being held by a man armed with knives with fears of explosives and a possible terrorist attack. The motive behind the ordeal remains unclear, although authorities have confirmed that there is no evidence of terrorism. The suspect, who was previously known to law enforcement, surrendered to police after exiting the building wearing a balaclava mask and kneeling. Dutch police had deployed specialized units, including explosives experts and robot, to the scene, and nearby streets were evacuated as a precautionary measure including 150 houses and transportation was halted. The situation has been resolved without any casualties, and investigations are underway to determine the exact circumstances surrounding the incident. March 30, 2024

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