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COVID-19 (Coronavirus) One-way pedestrian in Padua

Personnel of the municipal police and civil protection of Padua control the accesses on Via Roma in Padua. This street has been made a one-way pedestrian compulsory to avoid crowds. Padua, February 14, 2021, Italy. With the entry into force of the yellow zone, which allows the reopening of bars and commercial premises, people have poured into the shopping streets. However, this has led to the inevitable occurrence of non-voluntary gatherings. To avoid all this, the municipality of Padua has decided to implement a manned one-way pedestrian area by civil protection volunteers and police officers who have the task to control the accesses to Via Roma, the main shopping street in Padua, blocking and diverting citizens who attempted to enter the wrong way. Padua, February 14, 2021, Italy.

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