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Third day of snow in the Netherlands in April

The third day of the unusual April snowfall in The Netherlands, the country wakes up snow-covered after an intense morning snowfall, a bizarre event for April. The 3rd day of low temperatures and snowfall in the Netherlands after the "White Easter" Monday with a significant drop of temperature, reaching freezing point according to Dutch meteorological agency KNMI making Easter Monday one of the coldest ever days with low temperatures recorded. Additional to the snow, hail and high speed strong ice-cold wind occurred. The KNMI has issued a code yellow weather warning saying there will be strong winds and slippery conditions on the roads. The blast of cold weather with the chilly weather appeared after historic days of warmth in Europe. After midday, the snow began melting followed by temperature raise and light rain. Eindhoven city center, the Netherlands on April 7, 2021

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