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Demonstration against the mandatory vaccine in Thessaloniki

Thousands of people are seen marching at the seafront of Thessaloniki during the Anti-Vaccination protest. Demonstration Against The Mandatory Vaccine was held in Thessaloniki and Athens in Greece on Wednesday July 21, 2021. One week after the massive protest against the mandatory vaccination the anti-vaxx campaign continues with a big group protesting in the streets of the city of Thessaloniki. The protest was organized via social media by anti-vaccination believers. According to the group more than 40.000 people participated, while the police estimated unofficially slightly around 15.000 people participating in the demonstration. As the Greek government is passing a legislation with mandatory vaccination to specific job sectors like medical healthcare workers etc people are protesting against it. Protesters marched in the center of Thessaloniki where car traffic was stopped for a couple of hours. Nationalists and religious groups supported the demo spelling many slogans against the Prime Minister Mitsotakis and Journalists. The demonstration ended at the statue of Alexander the Great while it began from the White Tower, symbol of the city. Riot police monitored the event carefully with a distance to avoid violent incidents from radicals. Greece is having a surge in COVID-19 Coronavirus cases as the pandemic rises again due to the Delta Mutation variant and the peaking in the vaccination program, applying some local lockdowns to areas like the Greek Islands.

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