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A benchmark for quality photojournalism

Our numbers
2500 Photos per day
10000 Videos per year
Global Coverage News, politics, economics, sports and entertainment all around the World

About us

A benchmark for quality photojournalism

NurPhoto was founded in 2013 by photojournalist Manuel Romano. The photojournalistic agency's aim is to give light to the stories, places and events capable of affecting the viewer, to raise questions rather than suggesting answers

NurPhoto has introduced its new video news service, EditorialFootage.com, in addition to its consolidated photo reporting activity, to document events with an increasingly up-to-date communication code.

The Agency produces high-quality videos contents in various areas to meet the needs of every customer, even the most demanding.

Thanks to the work of its reporters and its international network, NurPhoto now guarantees a videos production that includes b-roll videos and produced content of Breaking News, Politics, Economy, Foreign Affairs, Sports and Entertainment.

Our footages are available to be licensed in TV programs, documentaries, film, educational projects, corporate film, web-based projects and more.

Our history

NurPhoto Agency is one of the World's largest independent press agencies and wire services. The company and its photographers have received numerous awards, including the World Press Photo and Pictures of the Year International.

NurPhoto, which is a benchmark for quality photography, works more than 2.500 photos per day in digital on major news, politics, economics, sports and entertainment in all around the World.

Its broad range of activities (production and distribution of images for journalism, corporate and advertising communication, fashion and the publishing sector, archives, and online material access) is made possible by various international partners.

Latest Collections

Quality Photojournalism

NurPhoto is an ambitious project which has quickly attracted many photojournalists and video-journalists from all over the world.

NurPhoto uses the latest professional digital technologies to supply high-quality content. The material produced by NurPhoto is characterized by rigor and friendliness, thanks to which it is possible to generate a genuinely different quality point of view.

The agency's photographers have worked to achieve a common objective: a unique photographic offering and images that take on an essential role as sources of information and as powerful sources of emotion. They are at the same time interpretation and evidence, whose qualities will last in time.

Multi-Cultural View

Our team is a nexus of adaptivity and evolution of new and existing technologies. NurPhoto is a global, multicultural and interactive agency.

Our Mission

The photojournalistic agency aims to give light to the stories, places, and events capable of affecting the viewer, raising questions rather than suggesting answers. A photo thanks to which is possible to investigate the human condition not only framing aspects libelous, dramatic and spectacularly, but that even forcibly seek beauty.